Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is an online modern menswear shop with several retail concept stores around the world. They make tailor-approved garments with high quality fabrics suited for those with a refined yet rugged style.

When you land on their homepage, it immediately feels cool. The stark black website design mixed with the impressive photography make an impact. After loading up the website quickly transitions into a full page takeover CTA. The prompt is to sign up to claim 20% off on your first purchase by dropping your email or logging in through Facebook. A full page call to action like this is a bold move, but since their branding is so appealing at first look, we’re betting this strategy converts well for them. Capturing emails early and often is so important for precious retargeting and re-engagement campaigns, which is where most online stores make their revenue.

Taylor Stitch takes a unique and environmentally-conscious approach to their clothing design and manufacturing process. Each time they want to design and launch a new product, they crowdfund their customers first to get a sense of demand so they can source only the materials they need. Their “fund” process is seasonal, so you can plan your wardrobe before the weather changes. When they crowdfund for new clothing or boots, they offer 20% for the customers who want it first and are willing to wait a couple of months before it arrives. Since they have a better grasp of their projected supply and demand they can optimize for the environmental considerations and reduce waste in their production process. So far they’ve launched 734 products through crowdfunding.

The store serves up a minimal popup on the bottom left corner of the site when a customer backs a product, “Someone in Staten Island, New York just backed: The Lombardi Jacket in Mustard Dry Wax.” Next to each product you can also see the percentage of how much any product has been funded which is often well over 100%, as well as the real date that the item will ship out.

For a larger inventory store the site feels modern with clean lines and ample padding between products. Just like in a high end retail store, the more space you give products to stand alone, the more luxe they will seem. This spaced out structure makes the price point feel more justified and gives them room to focus on photography and explaining the materials they use.

In their about section they showcase a stunning visual banner with the message, “Responsibility built for the long haul.” This message is essentially their unique selling proposition. Their brand voice throughout the website is casual yet sophisticated. It has a realness to the voice with some casual notes too, like on their customer support area where they say, “Relive the glory days when instant messenger was king. Hit us with a “sup”; 7 days 9–6 PST.”

They ran a July 4th sale that offered 30% off sitewide for a limited time. When they had the sale, it was prominent on their homepage promo block and the sale price also appeared next to every item on their site in minimal red text. This strategy of showing the sale before items hitting the shopping cart helps to increase conversions. To double down on this sale, they also offered a $20 incentive of Common Club credit if customers spent $200 during the sale to help incentivize those looking to stock up.

Taylor Stitch is one the best website examples you can look at for creating a top performing online store. Everything from their imagery, brand voice and stylistic choices are impressive and consistent. They stand out through their product photography and showcasing their menswear in appealing scenes. Their website design is also very sophisticated for an online store, it feels a bit like reading a magazine scrolling their site. They are a great example of how to leverage visual storytelling with their products. If you want to keep your customers clicking, they are a great example of why it often makes sense to double down on photography and creative direction, especially as your store matures.