Rose Gold Art

Rose Gold Art

Rose Gold Art is a UK based canvas art company that offers on-trend prints for every room in your home or office. They specialize in minimalist and abstract art prints, so they are a go-to for anyone looking to curate an Instagram-worthy living space.

Store owners looking for website inspiration can take notes. In terms of art websites, Rose Gold Art is a great example for how to create an easy to navigate website with lots of specific search options, while still keeping an elegant and clean design.

Rose Gold Art chose a white store design to portray a minimalist look and let the prints do the talking. You can shop the art in several different ways, by searching for the art or print style you like, shopping by the room you want to place the piece in, or shopping by the colour of the canvas art.

For a store with a large inventory, they manage to pull off a modern clean store design. When you land on their homepage, you notice a focus on Klarna, an app that lets you buy an art piece now and pay later in the future with an installment plan. In more challenging economic times, art can be viewed as a luxury purchase, so they’ve pivoted their homepage to focus on these flexible payment options. They’ve also featured sale items in primary positions on their website design.

Further down the homepage, affordable and on-trend abstract style prints are featured as new prints. When you hover over each design you can add prints to your wishlist to begin to curate a mood board of a potential collection for different rooms in your home. Below, there are several blocks dedicated to specific collections like “Iconic Fashion Art Prints,” and “The Photographic Collection.” In addition to the homepage and product pages, they recently started a blog that features how-to’s on popular search queries like how to choose the right wall art for your space.

Collecting emails and building familiarity through a welcome funnel is an important step in helping people to remember a brand after they leave their site. Rose Gold Art is capturing customer emails pre-purchase with an enticing offer to save £10 off your first order (a value of up to 25% off depending on product price). This ensures they can build a quality email list of interested and engaged site visitors, so they can begin converting those visitors into customers.

Another key element of good website design is the site architecture. No matter which page you search from their top navigation, once you land on a new page like ‘Photography” you will also see additional photography categories on the left bar which will let you filter further to find exactly what you are looking for.

Surveying your customers using a tool like hotjar can help you figure out if there’s anything preventing them from making a purchase. After several page visits, Rose Gold Art serves up a minimal pop-up in the bottom left corner to collect this information, which is a best practice for any website actively looking to improve customer experience.

The product photography on Rose Gold Art does a great job at presenting the art “in situation” to give a sense of how it might look in a customer’s home. Once you click into any product photo, you will see the art prints in several different living spaces which makes customers feel more confident about their purchase since they won’t be able to see the canvas art in person before buying it.

Rose Gold Art has really considered the customer journey in their design, and has created a curated art buying experience that keeps their customers coming back. For merchants looking to be inspired, Rose Gold Art’s minimalistic design considering their large amount of inventory is a great example to work from.