Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is a friendly fashion brand that meets the growing demand for gender-defying clothes. They create menswear-inspired fashion designed to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies so that their customers feel dapper and comfortable in their skin.

Kirrin Finch was founded by Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders. They were inspired to start the business because they never quite found shopping satisfying. They were drawn to menswear styles like button-up shirts and bow ties, but trying them on they were always ill-fitting. Rather than envying the fashion they loved, they created pieces designed to fit them, filling an important void in the fashion market.

What’s in a name? The brand’s name Kirrin Finch was inspired by iconic fictional tomboys “Georgina Kirrin” from The Famous Five series and “Scout Finch” from To Kill a Mockingbird. Both of these characters embodied the tomboy spirit that the founders wanted to celebrate with their clothing.

The design of their store website is approachable and casual yet refined. Taking hints from menswear flourishes, you’ll find elements like buttons and pops of gingham fabric weaved in. They are using a simple white site architecture with ample spacing between their product photography to create an air of prestige. They also use professional photography and have cast diverse models to help show off how their clothing will look on their customers with non-binary body types.

Although Kirrin Finch has a very unique mission and product, they let their product do the talking on the homepage. In terms of messaging, they’ve kept it simple with, “We challenge fashion industry norms for what is considered menswear and womenswear and instead focus on creating great fitting clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident in who you are.” Other than this powerful statement, the focus is on the clothing. They’ve chosen to highlight their new arrivals, formal wear and casual clothing collections prominently which helps stream their customers towards their interests right away.

Further down the homepage they feature their best selling pieces individually. Since fit is essentially their unique selling proposition, they make a point to call out their size inclusivity in detail and help their customers shop by their fit.

Another thing Kirrin Finch does well is celebrating their customers and their connection to the clothes. They have a great review section of happy buyers and follow it up with an Insta Shop section where you can see their real customers posing in their clothes. If you hover over the Instagram-style photos, you can shop the look directly on the store site.

The top four sections of Kirrin Finch’s site navigation are Shop, About Us, Dapper Scouts and Blog. Hovering over the shop section you’ll notice that they have the clothing grouped by category on the left in text only, and on the right they feature best selling items with photography in the menu.