Greenhouse Juice is a Canadian juice company from humble beginnings. While on a trip abroad, the Greenhouse team had discovered the benefits of cold-pressed juice and realized they couldn’t get it back home in Toronto. Cold-pressed juice is essentially a big bottle of vegetables blended up into a healthy treat that keeps your energy and immune system humming. When the Greenhouse team figured out how to create cold-pressed juice themselves they started selling their juice out of a coach house. They quickly sold out, and kept selling out. The coach house evolved from their production facility to their flagship store as their operations expanded. Now a primarily e-commerce business, Greenhouse ships plant-based foods, juices and cleanse kits all over Canada.

What’s the magic behind Greenhouse? There are a few key things they are doing right that shop owners should take note of.

First is their branding. They made juice look modern and instagrammable, and carved out a new niche market of high-end juicery businesses that didn’t really exist when they launched their business in Canada. While most health food stores tend towards eclectic and sometimes hippie-style branding, Greenhouse went for an elegant look that would appeal to a different type of customer. They’ve carried this intentional and curated look through their packing, website and Instagram feed.

Next, their website design. Just like their brand, it has a white and clean design with minimal colors. This makes their black promotional bar at the top really stand out with their current shipping offer. And since they are now more well-known with their audience in Canada, they are currently using their homepage to advertise their latest offering Plant Pantry. When you scroll further down the homepage you see their cold-pressed juice front and centre with a catchy tagline, “Organic, Plant-Based Hedonism,” the button leads users to their story of how Greenhouse Juice was born. For a luxury wellness product, employing storytelling can help you weave in your unique selling point more organically. In their case, they use the page to explain the health advantages of their product, where it comes from, and their company vision.

Speaking of storytelling, their mission statement is a compelling case for customers. Not only is their page well designed, but it covers some of the finer points that make Greenhouse Juice unique, like their non-GMO organic ingredients and signature glass bottles.

Lastly, their website is educational too. Their niche of cleanses and cold-pressed juice routines is new to most, so they educate their customers on tips for maximizing the experience and health benefits that their products provide. On their ‘cleanse’ page they use a top banner that offers an accessible ‘order now’ option. Scrolling down the page they detail what a cleanse is and Greenhouse specifically approaches it. They’ve created a 9 juice cleanse kit with booster shots to drink throughout a day which replaces meals for their customers who are on a cleanse. They also encourage sales through education by including all the information about price and kit-selection at the bottom of the page. They make their case for the benefits of their product