Food Huggers

Food Huggers

Food Huggers is a food storage company with unique preservation products, a bit like Tupperware but with a tailored twist. You want to keep your half-eaten avocado fresh? Food Huggers has custom solutions to fit the various shapes of fruits and vegetables perfectly. The aim of Food Huggers was to keep food fresh and out of the landfills to help people save money and reduce our collective carbon footprint. They first launched on Kickstarter back in 2013 and went on to raise $184,000 with over 5,000 individual supporters. After that proof of concept, Food Huggers branched out into online sales by starting their online shop.

Food Huggers is using a green and white website theme. Most of the text and elements are in green or red to reflect their logo. When you scroll through the Food Huggers homepage you’ll notice that it’s mainly focused on product education. Most of their products are new to consumers unless they’ve stumbled across them at high-end home and kitchen stores, so photography is important for demonstrating how the products function to preserve foods. They’ve used some high resolution photography that really captures attention with the bright colours of their products and the fruits and vegetables.Since they have quite a limited range of products they go into detail about each one and give examples of their use-cases using photo and video.

For a culinary shop Food Huggers has a small product range so they fill out their website with FAQs, sale items and supplier information. Although the Food Huggers online store is positioned as direct to consumer, they have quite a large supplier audience as well that purchases their product wholesale to sell in retail stores. On the Wholesale page they emphasize the things that really matter to their suppliers like how fast their products tend to sell on shelves and exact details about their size and packaging information. They even showcase an enlarged photo of one of their products with a detailed breakdown of their intentional packaging strategy.

On each page of the Food Huggers site you will see the, “read the reviews,” CTA emphasized in green text. When you click through you will see a pop-up window served up by Yotpo which is a trusted third-party customer review tool. Seeing the Yotpo widget gives their customers a sense of security in the validity of their reviews which helps build trust among their shoppers and potential merchants.

Food Huggers is using a pop-up CTA to build their email list by offering 10% off for first-time customers who subscribe to the newsletter. Once in the funnel, they can begin sending out more targeted emails to convert visitors to customers with promotions and education.

They’ve done an excellent job at positioning the company as a sustainable choice for their customers. On their ‘About Us’ page they go into detail about how they invented their products and the environmental impact they are having through keeping food out of the landfill. They have a CTA to view their product lineup from the about page which is a great strategy to drive traffic to the conversion pages of the site. They’ve also included a really fun stop-motion style trailer video to build excitement about their product and mission.