Bisou Lovely sells handcrafted jewelry with magical flair. Think Zelda-inspired rings and necklace designs influenced by anime.

Bisou Lovely was founded by Bree, a Canadian crafter with a professional background in the arts. Bree followed her interest in making ethereal jewelry for the modern starchild, and has even launched campaigns on Kickstarter to raise funds for her store and product development.

Speaking of her store, Bisou Lovely has a clean white design with blush pink undertones and darker pink highlights throughout. On the homepage, Bisou Lovely uses a thick banner block with a dreamy photo and some simple text to drive to their “view products” page. They also make use of a very visible top navigation to allow customers to skip right to the page they are looking for.

Another thing you’ll notice when you land on their page is an engaging spin-to-win wheel, which also happens to be in shades of pink and light purple. When you enter your birthday and your email, you’ll get a chance to spin for a discount of 10%, 15% or free shipping. Typically getting emails from your customers once they land on your page is challenging, so adding some fun and gamification can help make that experience more enjoyable and increase conversions for your store.

Bisou Lovely’s site has several key elements designed to entice and reward shoppers. Beyond their spin-to-win email capture, they show a prominent “Rewards” button in the bottom right corner of their website. When you click “Rewards,” a pop-up shows that asks customers to become a member of the Bisou Babes program to unlock exclusive discounts, earn and redeem points, and share referral coupons.

For their points program, if a customer places an order they will receive 2 points for every $1 spent at the store. The customer can then redeem those points for an order discount, with 10 points equaling $1 of merchandise. This is a very cost-effective loyalty program for the merchant, and creates incentives for their regular customers to come back and redeem their points balance at a future time. Loyalty rewards systems like this are also a great reason to keep in touch with your customers and send reminders that they have a discount waiting for them when they are ready to shop.

Bisou Babes has a generous referral program where their clients can send $25 coupons to their friends, and once redeemed, the client who sent the code gets a $25 credit as well. Bisou Babes is using a service called Smile for their reward program.

Speaking of payment and rewards Bisou Lovely uses Sezzle to offer a “buy now pay later” option at checkout. You can even use Sezzle to sell gift cards, which is a payment option on their gift card checkout page.

As an online jewelry store, having a sizing and measurement chart is key to making a sale. Bisou Lovely has a page for ring measurements which gives the exact circumference of their rings and shows the standard sizes for US/ Canada and the UK. When you go to a product page for any ring they have a wide selection of sizes available to choose from including half sizes.

To help their clients picture their jewelry on real people, Bisou Lovely has a showcase page for customer photos. They also recruit ambassadors through their Bisou Babes program to ensure they collect plenty of great user generated content that can be used on their website and social media.

For anyone looking to create a jewelry, fashion or home store, Bisou Lovely is a great example of a well structured website with impressive lead generation, referral and loyalty campaigns.