Barefoot Buttons

Barefoot Buttons is an online music shop for musicians looking to customize their dream setup. For guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and DJ’s, Barefoot Buttons offers inexpensive accessories that fit with most major switches and triggers for effects pedals.

Barefoot Buttons is a super niche store filling an important void in the music industry and they have a limited set of products to showcase on their site.

Inspired by the hard rock aesthetic, Barefoot Buttons has some fun with a bold orange theme for their shop site.

Once you land on the homepage of their shop site they feature a prominent product image and a short explanation of exactly what they are selling, which is critical when selling a niche product that many people may not have seen before. Scrolling past the homepage banner they showcase their two top selling SKUs nice and close up with the measurements noted by a ruler that’s displayed beside. This helps their customers purchase exactly what they need and limits returns or exchanges since the sizing is so clear.

If you keep scrolling down the homepage, you’ll see that they feature 4 promo blocks with top-selling items in eye-catching colors. Further down, they promote that they offer custom etching for their buttons so that musicians can personalize their kits.

At the very bottom of the homepage there’s a menu bar with an FAQ section. After you click through to the FAQ page, they answer 8 of their top product questions in a way that supports SEO (search engine optimization). For stores that have common shipping questions this is a great opportunity to answer them in detail to avoid future customer support demand. You’ll notice they carried through that bold orange to the typography on this page to keep the aesthetic theme going across the site.

Barefoot Buttons doesn’t currently have any retail locations but they do have vendors that sell their products across the world, and they note these all down on a comprehensive vendor page. Any store that sells through e-commerce and in physical retail stores tends to advertise both on their store site like Barefoot Buttons has done to help support their brick-and-mortar sales.

Barefoot Buttons is using an Instagram-hosting service to display their feed on their website. This helps keep their store content fresh and draws their customers over to their social media where they can follow for updates.

Overall, Barefoot Buttons has created a simple yet bold site that is a great example for anyone looking to create an ecommerce store in the music industry. For a product that is so specific with limited inventory, they do an excellent job on product education that helps visitors understand exactly what they offer as soon as they land on the site.